Low cost CTEC renewal courses for California Tax Preparers

Tax preparers: Do you have all of your continuing education hours completed for 2009? If not, CTECrenewals.com provides the lowest priced course in the state to help you get back on track and meet industry regulations.

The California Tax Education Council (CTEC) requires 20 hours of continuing education through a CTEC-approved curriculum provider, to be completed by October 31 each year. Unfortunately, failing to complete this requirement means that your status as a tax preparer changes to “expired,” so it’s crucial that you make plans to stay in good standing as a preparer. That’s where CTECrenewals.com can help.

At only $17—less than one dollar per course hour—CTECrenewals.com is the only resource you need. “This course is the best deal in the state,” says recent student O.J. Salas. “And the fact that the test is online means that it comes straight into your home at your convenience. Simple and affordable—it doesn’t get better than that!”

With CTECrenewals.com, you’re in control. You study at your own pace, take the online test when you’re ready (most students pass the first time), and then receive your certificate instantly. CTECrenewals.com even updates your records with the California Tax Education Council, saving you a step.

CTEC begins the yearly registration renewal process August 1, so log on now to www.CTECrenewals.com for more information on how easy—and affordable—it can be to complete your continuing education courses.