Low cost CTEC renewal courses for California Tax Preparers

Tax preparers: Do you have all of your continuing education hours completed for 2009? If not, CTECrenewals.com provides the lowest priced course in the state to help you get back on track and meet industry regulations. The California Tax Education Council (CTEC) requires 20 hours of continuing education through a CTEC-approved curriculum provider, to be […]

The Easy Way For California Tax Preparers to Avoid $5000 Fines

Did you know that if you’re caught preparing taxes without your CTEC certificate, you can be fined up to $5,000? Why take the chance when renewing your CTEC is so easy and convenient at www.CTECrenewals.com? CTECrenewals.com takes the guesswork out of renewing your CTEC registration by providing everything you need to learn about the changes […]

Complying with CTEC Continuing Educational Requirements

According to California state law, all tax preparers must comply with the continuing education act and be CTEC certified every year. This is the time of year that tax professionals in the state of California dread or procrastinate until just days or worse, hours before the deadline. That’s probably because before, it was a hassle […]

Don’t Procrastinate! Renew Your CTEC Registration Today!

Registration is now open for the 2009/2010 renewal cycle. If you already completed the continuing education requirements (12 hours federal, 4 hours state, plus 4 hours of federal and/or state) now is the time to renew your registration. Online Renewals To register online, click on 2009/2010 Online Renewal Registration located at the center of the […]